Belden Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cables

Bayview Technologies are please to announce that we are now stocking a comprehensive range of Belden’s Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheathed cable.

Cables with a LSZH jacket provide a useful alternative for industries that require restricted use of halogenated products. Materials that contain halogens emit potentially harmful and corrosive gases when they are burned, whereas LSZH jacketed cables offer excellent flame resistance, chemical resitance, low smoke properties and reduced toxicity.

Belden’s LSZH jacket sheath offers a unique combination of properties for a variety of applications. LSZH cables are being increasingly utilised in the mining industry, shipboard, circuit integrity, industrial data and industrial instrumentation and control applications

We currently have the following products in stock ready for shipping. If you are interested in ordering any of these products or wish to discuss them further please contact us on
(03) 9462 4077 or (02) 9566 1420.

Support Materials Download
Belden Cable 20AWG RG59 LSZH
Belden Cable 8 Pair LSZH
Belden Cable 12 Pair LZSH
Belden Cable Category 5e Box LSZH 305m
Belden Cable Category 5e Screened LSZH
Belden Cable RG6 LSZH SDI
Belden Cable 4 Pair Category 7 LZSH
Belden Cable Category 6 UTP LSZH 305m
Belden Cable Category 6 Screened LSZH
Belden Cable 16 AWG Speaker LSZH
Belden Cable 2 Pair 22 AWG LSZH
Belden Cable 1 Pair 22 AWG LSZH
Belden Cable 1 Pair Audio LSZH
Belden Cable 1 PAir DMX LSZH
Belden Cable 2 Pair DMX LSZH
Belden Cable 1.5mm 2 Core LSZH
Belden Cable 8477 LSZH
Belden Cable 1192A LSZH
Belden Cable Coax 5 Way LSZH